devon wedding photographer james brokensha

James Brokensha

Devon Street, Headshot Photographer


I'm James Brokensha, A photographer from Devon in the South West of England. I'm located Dartmoor not too far from Plymouth......and I love Photography. It's no exaggeration to say that taking pictures is a passion of mine. When i'm not taking photographs, i'm thinking about photographs. I have been a Photographer for many years and started shooting weddings professionally at the since 2012. In that  time I have adapted my style and approach to what it is today. I sold all my bulky Canon DSLR equipment a the beginning of 2014 and are now using solely Fujifilm X series Cameras, perfect for Documentary Reportage Wedding Photography, Street Photography and Portraiture. My wedding style is candid with as little interfering as possible.  At the moment I am predominantly shooting Weddings and Headshots for actors and performing artists. In my spare time I'm shooting street and running online tutorials as well as one to one street workshops.