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Headshots are extremely important and in the eye of casting directors, they can carry as much weight as your entire written CV. It differs entirely from portraiture, infact the only thing they have really in common is the subject, a person. A portrait has several purposes, such as showing off the Photographers style or Make Up Artists skill or the models posing ability. They are usually post processed to a high degree and not necessarily a true representation of the subject. Headshots should say one thing....this is me, how I look in front of a camera, unplugged....hire me (well maybe four things!)

Headshot Photography



There are different reasons why headshots are needed. They could be for commercial reasons, for press releases or even profile pictures for social media. The majority that I shoot are for performing artists. I have shot Actors, Musicians, Singers and people who are often all three. 

Headshot photgraphy

A Headshot is not just a Headshot. Performing artists often require a variety of looks and I mix traditional headshots with a contemporary set of poses. In other words full body and waist high shots depending on the requirement from the client. 

I work completely in natural light using a Fuji XPro2 and XF56mm portrait lens. This is one of the best combinations I have found for this type of work. The lens produces beautiful sharp images and the camera provides stunning and accurate skin tones. Images are edited using both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop but they are kept as natural as possible. Spots, pimples and anything not permanent is removed. No features are changed or resized. 



Most sessions last around 60mins and take place on location in Plymouth, Devon. All usable images from the session will be added to a 'Contact Book' PDF file and provided to you. From there you can choose the final 8 images you want retouched/edited for your headshots. I supply all final images via dropbox for a quick delivery. I provide High Res images for printing purposes and Low Res for web/online use. Clients have an unlimited licence for use of the images. There are no restrictions on use, cropping or overlaying with text. 

Click HERE for a sample contact book

If you are interested in me shooting your headshots please contact me. I look forward to working with you.




If you are a performing artist in the South West and are looking for representation I would strongly recommend you take a look at Patrick Management and see what Susannah can do for you. 



Standard Session


Approx 1 hour Headshot Session 

8 final edited images 

Contact pages to choose your final images (PDF ebook)

Images provided in both full res and web size

Images provided in both colour and Black and White via Digital Download


Extra Images £10 each